Digital Enrichment Programs

Bring projects to life with sensors, lights, sound and motion. Unleash the children’s creativity… They are only limited by their imagination.



The Digital Enrichment Program can be delivered in several ways.

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STEAM Incursion

STEAM Education Australia can run an incursion in your school. The incursion/excursion programs can be delivered in one of more of the following options:

  • Digital Augmented Maker Space workshops
    • Full starter kits
    • Basic kits
    • Digital Origami
  • Introduction to programming (Animation and gaming)

We can help transform your school hall and/or classroom into a STEAM Maker Space for the day. If your school do not have the facility we can run the incursion in a community hall or any undercover open space, where the students can feel free to expand and work on their creativity through play.

Example full starter kits:

  • Light and move me
  • Robotic car


  • Students and teachers are empowered with a holistic approach to education that will prepare them for future employment in the 21st century
  • The starter kits provide the foundation tools for STEAM Makers

School Enrichment Kits

The schools can purchase 1 or more kits from us. The kits are packaged with several themes together with easy step by step instructions and online videos. To extend the children further, they can create their own themes and projects. The kits can be extended or combined to create unlimited possible outcomes. We can also provide in class kit coaches to help with your classroom activities.

In-School Enrichment Program

The In-School enrichment program allows the school to provide kids with an immersive STEAM experience. We will come to your school to run an event where the kids will experience what STEAM has to offer.

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Maker Workshops

From time to time we will hold special maker workshop experiences for adults and children. Like us on our Facebook page to get notifications of Events.