Holiday Program Activities

Currently all children after-school and holiday programs are been ran by PIEX Education


Kids ages 6 – 12 will be introduced to the principles of programming, animation, force and motion as they prototype and control one or more robots. The kids will explore how to control, create and innovate through experimenting with their own robot. They can extend and build on the foundation. The creativity and innovation is unlimited.

Kids  will be introduced to the basic principle of programming, story boarding, animation through creating their own cartoons. Fostering computational thought instead of programming.

Computer Gaming
Building on the skills acquired through animation and robotics the kids can create and share their own computer games.


Its time to shake the cobwebs out, the kids get physical through games and exercises to maintain a balance of mind and body.

Paper Engineering and Origami
Through origami, kids will learn how to make paper stronger, how to design and create using paper. They will learn about forces and aerodynamics. It is about flight and speed, create your own plane, who will fly the fastest, who will fly the furthest It is also about building bigger and stronger models.

Abacus Maths
Mental visualisation is thought whilst learning how to use an abacus to perform arithmetic and then progress to perform the same task using mental abacus techniques. These exercises help kids  visualise solutions before making it real.

The Kids will learn to express themselves through storytelling. They will build their confidence, communications, creativity, improvisation and imagination through play.

Creative Arts
Kids are encouraged to express themselves through the creation of art. They can draw, colour and create master pieces of expression.

Science Experiments
The kids participate and witness  science experiments to gain a practical understanding of the laws of nature. These experiments allow the kids to observe, feel, hear, smell and hear the world in action.

The kids participate in building and testing engineering experiments to implement the science they have learnt. During the school holiday program they can also witness real model rockets being launched.


*Only certain holiday locations can participate in rocket launching due to Civil Aviation Safety Regulations. These demonstrations are ran by the NSW Rocketry Assoication.

Through simple exercises and games the kids learn to be aware of their surroundings, develop self-awareness, empathy and relaxation techniques.