Teacher’s STEAM Introductory Workshops and Professional Development

We are able to provide a 1 hour introduction to STEAM for teachers, where the teachers will get an understanding of the STEAM movement as well as experience a simple STEAM exercise. Also available are customised STEAM Teachers Professional Development where we will deliver courses such as Design Thinking for Teachers, Introduction to Programming through to full STEAM Augmented Digital workshops. All our introductory programs do not require any technical background.

Teacher’s Professional Development Courses

STEAM Thinking + Introduction to Design Thinking

(1 Day – 7 Hours, Style : practical group workshops )

STEAM thinking is a holistic approach to problem solving that includes areas such as:

  • Thinking processes – Creative and Critical, System, Design and Computational Thinkning
  • Learning processes – Just in Time Learning, Positive Education, Visible learning, Multi-dimensional Visualisation
  • Communications and Collaboration – Presentation skills, Leadership, Team work

In this course teachers will gain an appreciation of the STEAM movement as well as gaining a practical understanding of Design Thinking and how it can be applied to all problem solving situations.

Design Thinking the STEAM Way

(3 Days – 21 Hours, Style : practical group workshops )

Design Thinking for all. Whether you are an English or History teacher, Home room, Music, Arts, language, Home Technology, Science and Programming, etc… Design thinking can be used for all problem solving challenges and the template for creating effective and creative project based learning challenges. In this course you will experience how design thinking is not just for STEM subjects but can be applied to music, cooking and any aspects of life where you need to solve a problem or challenge.
The course is ran in a workshop manner, teachers work through practical examples of how to apply and use design thinking to create projects for your students. Teachers are encouraged to bring their own challenges to use in the workshop.

Course Outline

  1. What is STEAM?
  2. Introduction to STEAM Thinking
    • ZPD-Zone of Proximal Development
      Project Based Learning Vs Problem Based Learning an introduction
      Direct instruction Vs PBL
  3. Design Thinking – Practical
  4. Review and Reflection